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Law Offices of Leslie Sultan, P.C.


Free Estate Planning Workshop

- Your ultimate guide to completing your estate plan -

Date: April 17, 2024

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Time: 7:00PM EST

During this 60-minute Virtual/Online Workshop, the following important topics will be covered such as:


Guardians for your minor children

Wills, Trust, Power of Attorney


Health Care Directive

Has completing your Estate Plan been on your TO-DO list year after year?

Do you have designated guardians for your minor kids?

Are you looking to minimize the impact of estate taxes on your assets?

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In this FREE! Online Workshop, we will be live and guiding you on designing your comprehensive estate plan and ensure that it aligns with your specific needs and goals.

Exclusive $1000 Discount on Trust Package for Attending Our Virtual Estate Planning Workshop!


Leslie Sultan, Esq.


Leslie graduated from CUNY Law School in 2008 with a focus in public interest law and has dedicated her law practice to being customer service and client needs focused.

Leslie has been practicing law since 2009 and is the host of the estate planning podcast 'Legacy Purse'. She has a long history of representing family members struggling to inherit property and/or wealth from deceased family members through the Probate Courts. Knowing how time-consuming and expensive the probate process is.


Leslie takes great pride in helping her clients learn how to plan and protect their families during their lives so they can avoid the probate court process and save their loved ones that additional grief (and expense).

Don’t put it off any longer. Take this huge first step now! Estate planning is a responsible way to protect your assets, provide for your loved ones, and ensure that your wishes are respected both during your lifetime and after your passing. It’s a gift you can give your family to help keep them out of court and out of conflict. And it gives you peace of mind!

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