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New York Cooperative
and Condo Law

Experienced Legal Counsel In New York Cooperative and Condo Law

Cooperative and condominium transactions are controlled by an elaborate set of laws governed by an intricate network of rules and contractual relationships. Our staff at Law Offices of Leslie Sultan are well-versed in the interconnected legal and administrative issues that constitute co-op and condominium law. Therefore, we strive to make your cooperative and condominium transactions as smooth and streamlined as possible. Our staff handles all aspects of paperwork, contacts managing agents, and will assist you in reviewing house rules, propriety leases, and all other relevant and necessary documents.

At Law Offices of Leslie Sultan, we acknowledge the importance of keeping our clients well-informed throughout every step and in a timely manner. We stand behind Our Promise in our efforts to guarantee a calm and efficient transaction. If you’re thinking about buying, selling, refinancing, or any other real estate or co-op transactions, Leslie Sultan PC can offer you the top customer service in New York and New Jersey. Call us now for further details.

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