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Minor Children

One of the most compelling reasons behind having a will, as part of your estate plan, is it allows you to nominate a guardian for your child in the event of your death or incapacity. If you have more specific wishes concerning your child’s upbringing, such as how they will be educated or the religion in which they will be raised, a will can express those wishes.

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Parent’s with minor children often think about having emergency plans in place but don’t really know where to get started. It can be a little intimating and often confusing on what is actually necessary.

Some questions to think about:

  • Do you have long-term guardians named for your kids?

  • What about short-term guardians?

  • Is there someone you don’t want to raise your kids that could?

  • Does your babysitter know what to do in case there is an emergency and you don’t make it home?

These are common questions that should be addressed to ensure your kids are protected

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Law Offices of Leslie Sultan invites you to preserve your family’s best interests and control how you wish your assets and legacy to be distributed. After listening carefully to your needs and any complexities of your situation, our attorneys will prepare the proper legal documents to ensure your wishes are clear and well-documented.  We will guide you to make informed decisions about how you’d like to preserve and share your wealth. Call now to book an initial consultation.

We are part of a network of Attorneys focusing on families with Minor Children

What Our Clients Say


Leonardo Blanco

We had the pleasure of having Leslie present to us the importance of having your estate in order for the loved ones we leave behind. Not a topic a lot of us are having but a necessary one. She was very warm and professional and a fountain of knowledge. Highly recommend her services. 👌 👏🏼

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