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Whether this is your first time buying or you’re an experienced property owner, Law Offices of Leslie Sultan will make your real estate transactions in New York and New Jersey that much smoother. Call now to book a consultation with one of our friendly, efficient, and qualified attorneys.



Over the past decade, Law Offices of Leslie Sultan has represented hundreds of clients throughout the New York and New Jersey area in a variety of real estate transactions. This has given our attorneys and staff an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of real estate transactions in New York and the strategies we need to take in order to facilitate a smooth and timely process.

    Our diverse clientele includes:

  •  First time home and property owners

  •  Small businesses

  •  Co-op and condominium buildings

  •  Owners of large properties

  •  Owners of multiple properties

Buying and selling property can produce a surge of both excitement and stress. At Law Offices of Leslie Sultan, you can rest assured knowing we aim to assist you with a smooth and successful transaction. Our attorneys are proud to serve a diverse clientele in and around the metro New York area

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